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Technology is rapidly changing our world and how we interact with one another. Businesses are required to keep up with this by integrating their unique ideas with digital platforms. This is done by incorporating regular testing and quality assurance in their product development cycle. Our team ensures that you are equipped with Quality Assurance and proactive testing strategies. We can assist you in improving your software’s quality by combing our tech experts, and new testing technologies/tools.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) a method used for observing the engineering processes to ensure and maintain the quality of software. SQA is a continuous process throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that confirms if the software is meeting the quality standards. In these times SQA keeps adapting to the dynamic technologies available to us. Our team of Quality Assurance experts assists businesses in sustaining quality not only from the beginning of the product life cycle but at every stage of the process delivering standard results every time. Our team helps in launching Quality Assurance at the initial stage of the product life cycle which reduces the risks significantly and effectively manages market expectations of your product.

We provide testing and SQA services in various industries. Our Quality Assurance team assists organizations in detect software quality issues and helps fix those issues which enhances software’s performance. Our team uses the Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) Model for organizing and managing software testing processes for our client organizations, which is why they have put their trust in us over many years.

The Key Components:
  • 1

    Quality of Software Services

  • 2

    Quality of Network/Internet Services

  • 3

    User Experience

  • 4

    Quality of Hardware Services

  • 5

    Overall Quality Maintenance

Testing Centre of Excellence

The rapid growth of digitalization, DevOps, and demand for shorter product development cycles has increased the need for Quality Assurance right at the beginning of product development.

Companies are spending millions annually to create and test applications that will decrease their costs and reduce the possibility of financial loss, security threats, customer dissatisfaction, and non-compliance.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is a type of continuous testing and it is a useful tool in software testing. A series of tests are conducted and their results are compared over time to measure software efficiency. Test automation framework is a procedure used for automation testing. These tests are convenient to manage and can be done at any time. Tech companies developing an app for smartphones and computers or any platform for desktops can utilize automation testing frequently.

Functional Testing
Performance Testing

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