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In the initial stages of Proof of Concept (PoC) development, a company requires information about the project and the purpose behind the project. Our team of expert engineers, analysts, and architects will aid your research process and help you with targeting the right audience for your project. Moreover, our team of technicians will assist you in expanding your project plan practically, so it does not remain a theoretical idea forever while considering your time and financial resources. Afterward, we ensure that your business keeps receiving the desired results over time by our sustained efforts, and efficient technology stack.

A PoC is used by companies in the initial stages of product development to determine the software’s practicality, feasibility, and sales potential. PoC is a great testing tool that companies can utilize for determining presumptions from prospective customers, the usability of the software, possible drawbacks or risks associated, and things required to complete the project for sales-readiness.

Software developers can view PoC as a pilot project used to spot problems that can be fixed beforehand. They can list down possible solutions to tackle these issues, which is often done using other applications and integration methods.

PoC Feasibility In Areas:
  • 1

    Legal and Insurance Policies

  • 2

    Identity Management

  • 3

    Medical and Health Records

  • 4

    File Storage

  • 5

    Identity Security

Analysing The Viability Of Your Product

It is essential to test ideas for practicality in the early stages of product development, therefore building a PoC is an important step for a new business.

Previously, our team has developed several PoCs for businesses in various sectors/industries. Our PoC development experts will create mock-up designs for your business idea, which will convert your theories into realistic and successful projects.

Week Zero

Your idea becomes applicable to the real world if there’s a need for it for example an employee engagement campaign is successful if it increases the productivity of employees or a new product is successful if it solves the problems of customers. Therefore, the viability of a project is of utmost importance. Our team assists you in figuring out the potential issues in your project and assists you in coming up with solutions. We believe that breaking down a project into smaller parts and having a constructive dialogue about it make you thoroughly understand your idea.


"They worked hard, made attention to the dynamic of our whole project and good deal. The company was able to address all our concerns and provide a quality solution in the timely manner."


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Our Methods in PoC Development


Need analysis

User interview and research

Problem identification


Solution mapping

Technical feasibility study

High prototype development


Concept development

User journey maps



Visual design

Prototype development

Click through prototype


Core feature

Add-ons listing

Sprint planning

Rapid development

Rapid deployment

MVP testing

MVP feedback


Architecture design

Code reviews

Develop new functionality

Provide best practices

Fast and inspiring start

Attention to support issues

Guaranteed responses

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