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Cloud migration is an action of converting digital applications, features, and resources into a cloud format. Our team of IT experts will help your business develop a strategy, a cloud roadmap and assist you in cloud migration. Once this is done we will keep supporting you with your cloud-based setup.

Today, companies decide to move to the cloud to stay relevant, maintain efficiency and continue being competitive in the market without incurring any loss in security or production. We understand that working with complex analytics, managing a large amount of statistical data, and several data pipelines can be daunting. This is why our team not only assists businesses in the initial processes of cloud migration but we extend our help throughout the process to make sure that your business keeps thriving.

These days there are many types of cloud migrations available. You may choose whichever is suitable for your business model, and we will guide you along with it. The four most popular types are lift and shift, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), application refactoring, and application re-platforming. Most businesses are transferring their data and information to a cloud model called Modern Desktop.

We Do This by Ensuring:
  • 1

    Data integrity

  • 2

    Smooth Movement

  • 3

    No Data Loss

  • 4

    Adaptive Approach to Legacy Systems

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    Migration with the Cloud Engineers

Cloud Migration Process

The steps of cloud migration depend on the goal of your organization, for example, your chosen type of cloud migration and the data you want to transfer. An effective cloud migration plan consists of identifying performance, checking security requirements, selecting the right cloud provider, estimating financial resources, and adjusting your organization’s overall resources based on this analysis.

Cloud computing comes with many benefits but it has some associated risks as well, for example, application portability, interoperability, data security, performance issues, and increased costs. Our IT team helps you overcome these setbacks by providing you with a constructive strategy and continuous support.

Custom Application Migration

We offer a customized cloud migration plan for your business! A re-platforming or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a suitable cloud migration type for companies that have in-house developed applications. Through PaaS many such companies can notably reduce their costs while increasing their output. Although it may be time-consuming, we assure our clients that testing and making calculated estimates about application design yields great results.

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