Web Design

Strategies to Increase Conversion on Your Website

A website that generates a lot of traffic is great, but if that traffic does not convert into leads or profit, it is quite irrelevant. You want your website to not only draw in customers, but also make them stay. Regular web maintenance is necessary to achieve the increase in your conversions. Here are a […]

How Your Website May Be Driving People Away

It is no secret that you created your website to drive traffic that turns to leads and sales— but what happens when your source of traffic and leads is actually turning people off and driving them away? That’s right. If your website has the ability to draw people in, it also has the ability to […]

17 Rules to Making an Amazing Website

What Makes a Website Standout? What comes to your mind I say the word ‘website’? Easy to use, interactive, attractive, user-friendly? Well, these are but a few things a client looks for when using a website. And I thought why not go into a little bit of detail regarding the rules a developer should keep […]

The Latest Website Design Trends

Designing a website is one of the more fun elements when putting a website together. One of the key points you must remember though, is it should be as present as possible. What we mean by this is, that trends are always changing; what was acceptable or trendy last year, does not mean it will be this year.

Why a Simple Website is Better

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