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Retail Planogram: All You Need To Know

Relying on data insights leads to informed decision-making for any business. In retail stores, planogram services are used. So, what is a planogram? A planogram shows how products are displayed in the store and where will they be placed. This makes it easier to organize the products and re-stock materials on time. Moreover, it assists the customers in finding the right products on time. Let us discuss some of the types of planograms. 

Types of Planograms in Retail Analytics
  1. Text-based: These are detailed descriptions of where which product will go. It times time to make text-based planograms as compared to the other two methods.
  2. Picture-based: As the name states, picture-based planograms are the visual representations of product placement. 
  3. 3D Planogram: This will give you not only a good visual representation but will provide you with the quantities of products. The image created is realistic and shows every little detail.

This all sounds interesting! However, why should a business invest in this service? Thus, now let us see some of the advantages of combining Analytics and Planograms (POG) Services with your retail business. 

Better Communication

The store manager or the owner can demonstrate their vision to the merchandisers beforehand. Therefore, both parties can come up with a plan to facilitate each other. This avoids possible confusion and communication issues. Furthermore, it helps to form good relations with your merchandisers.

Improved Sales

The visual representation and analytics allow the store manager to determine the best locations for products. This increases sales and profits. Moreover, displaying products correctly helps in cross-selling products as well. It is a win-win. 

Inventory Management

Managers can use planograms to better plan space. Knowing which product will go on which shelf helps to monitor your store items. In addition, planograms indirectly assist with managing inventory. Managers can re-stock the items on time, leading to satisfied customers. 

In conclusion, adding analytics and planogram to your retail business is important. It determines the long-term success of your business. Most importantly, make sure you discuss your options with a reliable service provider.


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