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How Technology Is Revolutionizing Agriculture

There has been a lot of development in the agriculture industry in the past few years. Technology has transformed the way farmers work. 

There are many challenges that farmers face these days including climate change, population growth, and urbanization. Here are some of the ways technological advancement is impacting the agriculture industry. 

Big Data, Insights and Agriculture

Farmers nowadays use data analytics to understand water cycles, fertilizer requirements, and rainfall patterns. Moreover, data helps farmers with decision making. It ensures that they make smart decisions about what crops to plant, how are the weather conditions, and when to harvest. These decisions ultimately lead to better and improved yields. Therefore, more revenue and profits. In addition to this, big data applications can assist farmers with monitoring their farm equipment and vehicles. Farmers keep their machinery up to date by knowing more about service due dates, tractor availability, fuel refill alerts. 

Productivity Estimation and Benchmarking

Productivity is estimated as the ratio of agricultural outputs to inputs. Agricultural productivity and benchmarking lead to sustainable farming practices. There are many benefits of productivity analysis. Firstly, it reduces the amount of land required for farming. Secondly, it reduces deforestation and environmental degradation. Framers produce high quality yield while not harming the environment. This is literally a win-win situation. 

Competent Digital Systems and Technologies

Precision farming or digital farming uses information technology and digital devices in agricultural practices. Some of the items are control systems, sensors, drones, GPS, GPS-based soil sampling, autonomous vehicles, automated harvesting systems, and telematics. In our previous articles, we have discussed these technologies and devices in detail. This ensures that there is better control. Moreover, it increases the overall quality and sustainability of the harvest.

So, have you decided to invest in one of these technologies? If you do consider getting a reliable agriculture support service like Cenisa and get personalized advice for your business.


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