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How Healthcare Technology Impacts Patient Safety

Technological growth is impacting every area of our life. Today, all business organizations are utilizing information technology to their advantage. Therefore, we can see there has been sufficient IT growth in healthcare. There are many advantages to this, for example, high efficiency, reduced costs, and an improvement in overall health facilities. 

This technology is benefiting everyone including hospitals, doctors, and patients. We have compiled few ways in which healthcare technology is impacting patient safety. 

Improved Communication Between Medical Practitioners 

Today almost all hospitals use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for keeping a patient’s medical history. It is often that a patient goes through several medical practitioners during their treatment. EHRs in this case helps reduce communication errors between these doctors, which leads to effective and immediate care. Moreover, doctors make fewer errors in the treatment when they have a patient’s complete medical history readily available to them. 

Greater Acess To Information

Just like we mentioned that not having access to the necessary information may lead to some serious problems for the patients’ care. Other than the health records, doctors now have access to online medical references and databases to gain information regarding appropriate treatments. Furthermore, doctors can use mobile devices to get textbooks online to aid their patient’s cases. 

Reduced Chances Of Errors

Errors are undesirable for all businesses but medical errors can have life-threatening consequences. Technology can help reduce these errors. Firstly, electronic prescribing helps with prescription errors by sending the prescriptions directly to pharmacies. Secondly, medical applications and alerts help patients keep up with their appointments and self-care at home. 

Specialized Care For Patients

Technology makes patient focused care possible. Patients can now get in touch with their doctors via the online chat and call option. Moreover, they can do prior research before choosing the right doctor for them who will offer specialized care based on their symptoms. We believe that healthcare technology is critical to people’s health and wellbeing.


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