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Farming: Innovative Technologies

There is a need for an increase in food production to cater to the growing population. Farmers are using technology to make farming smooth. In addition, we believe that using technology in farming leads to improved farm yield. Below we have listed some of the technologies that farmers are using nowadays.

Cloud Computing Technologies

Farmers use applications like SaaS to store and monitor a large range of data. They use data to check yields and raw materials. Additionally, they use it to compare growth. Furthermore, SaaS can be connected to weather stations or sensors. Farmers in countries like Japan, China, and America are using it. It has been proven to be a great tool. 

GIS & GPS Agriculture

Adding navigation applications are useful in agriculture. It helps farmers observe changes in the weather and crop health. Moreover, it is quicker than the traditional methods of checking these things manually. Additionally, by checking the fields regularly, farmers can identify upcoming problems. 

RFID Technologies

Farmers use radio technology to check their farm animals’ health. This helps in maintaining security. Moreover, this technology tracks perishable food. So, this way farmers remove bad fruits and vegetables. They only ship healthy food items to be the market.

Smart Farming

Smart farming is the future of the agriculture industry. Data analytics in farming leads to insightful decision-making. Therefore, by using data farmers get to know about the soil, fertilizers, crop conditions, and farm animal health. 

Aerial Sensing

Farmer use drones to take images of large areas of land. Farmers compare these images over time to track soil and plant conditions. Furthermore, using images and the data allow farmers to use the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). This application maintains overall crop health.

Combining these technologies with farming leads to an increase in production. In addition, it reduces the cost greatly. Thus, this leads to high profits and productivity.


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