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Digital Transformation In Banking

The banking industry is adopting emerging technologies to make their digital banking experience more efficient. These technologies include Chatbots, Cloud computing and APIs, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning. Digital transformation in banking simply refers to banks providing online and digital services to their customers. However, it is much more than that because implementing these technologies on a large scale needs backend changes. Additionally, digital transformation happens when banks focus on their customers and when they are adaptable to change. In this article, we will discuss these two in detail. 

Customer Focused – Put Your Customer First 

Banks today offer digital banking solutions to their customers by adding mobile and internet banking options. Digital transformation of banking is taking this to another level by digitalizing your customers’ journey. In conventional banking, a customer will go through long queues and departments before they receive the service. This creates communication issues and delays. Furthermore, it leads to customer dissatisfaction. 

An effective digital banking platform creates a personalized customer journey for each and every customer based on their banking needs. Banks do this by using technology. In addition to this, they do this by organizing their teams for example adding people from technical departments into sales. This provides improved access to information and ultimately better customer service. 

Moreover, a customer-focused approach is making sure that people have the knowledge and the necessary tools to assist themselves. An example of this would be tutorials and on-boarding information provided to customers on the mobile app or emails. 

Adaptability – A Focus on Change

One of the most important ingredients of digital transformation is banks being adaptable to change. Adapting to new technology, consumer demand, and market changes is necessary in order to survive in this dynamic environment. This means that the industry needs to be comfortable with change. In addition, banks need to focus inward, not only focusing on digital services but also the organizational changes required to meet the demand. 

A complete transformation is easier said than done but we believe with the right attitude and consistency it is possible to adapt. At Cenisa, we assist financial institutions with their IT operations. This way you can focus on your operations while our team of IT experts handles your Banking Application Development.


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