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Best Healthcare Apps in 2021

By now we are now familiar with the emerging healthcare technologies. Hospitals use IT to improve their daily workings. In addition, it leads to an increase in security and compliance in healthcare. Did you know that now you can manage your health using mobile healthcare apps? Anytime and anywhere you want. Taking care of yourself has never been this simple. Regulate your health at the comfort of your home. These apps are economical and easy to use. Moreover, they are accessible for everyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. Down below we have compiled some useful apps on Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore that you can download! 


This is one of the top healthcare apps. People use MyFitnessPal to scan food items to get their nutritional value. Moreover, people can use it to track their daily water or fluid intake. The best part is that you can customize your results based on your health needs, like managing your calorie intake based on weight or setting up exercises based on your preferences. 

Sleep Cycle 

You need sleep to function properly. So, to track your sleep Sleep Cycle is a great app. You can track your daily sleep patterns and progress through graphs. Furthermore, you can monitor your heart rate and sleeping data based on the weather. 

Fitbit Coach

Fitness means fewer visits to your doctor. This is a perfect app for the fitness freaks out there. It has video lessons for people who want to exercise at home. In addition, it has audio coaching lessons that explain exercises step by step for beginners. 


You can use this app to get doctor recommendations personalized to your healthcare problems. Moreover, people can ask health-related questions on the app from actual doctors. The doctor will get back to you within 24 hours. It is convenient and optimized for you. Isn’t this great?

WebMD Baby

Babies need special attention and this app is only dedicated to your baby’s health. The app covers four major areas that babies need care for: feeding, sleep, diapers, and growth. Furthermore, it answers all your questions and provides us with personalized data. These insights can be shared with your doctor at your next appointment. 

Better Help

Just like your physical health, taking care of your mental health is important too! You can use this app to get in touch with a professional counselor and therapist online. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many ways, and social distancing is crucial during this time. Using Better Help to contact your therapist via video or audio chat is convenient and safe. 

If you search, you can find there are many other apps based on your specific needs. Therefore, people use health apps to monitor their heart health, their eyesight, their skincare, and their diabetes or blood pressure. So, the list is endless! What apps you are using to manage your health? Let us know. 


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