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5 New Retail Technology Trends

Digitization and technological advancement is changing the way we shop. During COVID-19 there have been more innovations to keep retail businesses running. Some retail technology trends come and go but some are there to stay long term. We have identified five such trends and listed them down below for you. 

Machine Learning

Data is an important part of predicting outcomes. In the case of retail business using data insights to predict customer demand has become a necessity. Furthermore, retailers use machine learning for relationship management with suppliers and customers, inventory management, logistics planning, manufacturing, and marketing.

E-Commerce POS Systems

A point of sale (POS) system helps record retail transactions and create invoices for customers. These are usually used at stores but in pandemics, most people prefer to shop online. This is why now most retailers have combined e-commerce services with POS via SaaS technology. This makes the whole shopping experience smooth. Moreover, it leads to higher customer satisfaction. 

Contactless Stories

Since the pandemic, we have all been trying social distancing to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Customers prefer staff-less stores for their safety. Therefore, a lot of retail businesses are trying to make their stores contactless. Customers can check out using barcodes and QR code scanning apps on their smartphones. In addition, technologies like RIFD and facial recognition tools are used in these stores. 

Augmented Reality Fitting Rooms

Virtual fitting rooms is one of the most innovative and unique retail technology. People use this technology to try the items on their smartphones instead of physically going to the trial rooms. Businesses like Sephora and Etsy are already using AR technology. Therefore, more retailers will be using AR trial rooms in the future. 


Retailers are using robotics and automatic vehicles for their delivery services. Giants like Uber and Walmart are already using automatic vehicles. This technology is used combined with 5G technology. Moreover, retailers use robotics in inventory planning, which is a huge part of the retail business. 

So, are you ready to add these new technologies to your retail business? Before you invest, make sure you get a reliable service provider. We can help you with your retail construction project. 


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