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With our skills and experience we can revamp the design of your website. These changes will bring results, and we believe strongly in that enough to offer you a free custom-tailored mockup before you pay us anything.

If you like it, you can keep it by moving forward with Cenisa. We look forward to sharing our vision of helping local businesses succeed through a splendid online presence, with you. Here's a run down of how we do that.

Our Proven Process

5 Steps To Growth

Welcome to Cenisa.

Provide us with some contact information, and leave us a message. Once we have this, expect one of our team members to contact you within 24-hours.

Over a phone call, we would like to ask you some questions to help us understand your needs for your project. Your business goals, key-demographics, location, and prices all come into play when trying to determine the most optimized website for you.
Within 2-3 business days we will send you a proposal. This will detail our estimates of the scope of work, timeline and costs involved in making your project happen.
We will build a preliminary version of your website and send you an imaged-presentation of it. So far, you will have no obligation to put any money down. Provided you join hands with us and decide on a package of your choice, this mockup would act as a draft that would allow for your feedback and permit enough time for revisions.
We are very accommodating of your requests, it is your website after all! With our trained eye and real-world experiences we hope to deliver a final product that also satisfies you. If, however for any reason, the our mock up is not aligned with your expectations, no problem. Please note: If you reject the idea for our mock up, you would have no legal right to the use the design we made for your website without full compensation.

We Help Our Partners Become Market Leaders

Simple amazing people and amazing work. They worked hard on our website www suleeman.ca and did the work in their power and limitation the way I wanted. Way to go guys. Hats off to you all. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Shan Haroon

Founder @ suleeman.com
Mobile Application Development

Recent Case Study

We developed the very first 'donation' Mobile Application in North America.

Mobile Application (iOS & Android)

Develop a Hybrid Mobile Application development solution. That enables HCI to publish the organizations News, Appeals, Events that can be filtered by using a location filter and accept / track donations made by users.

Custom Features

Add a google map with pins attached to the locations. [When Clicked] Provide the user with some background on the organizations feats. Allow the user to track all donations made to the organization. Enable location feature to allow user to only see nearby events.

Payment Gateway

Cenisa enabled the mobile application to accept donations via credit cards attached to the users accounts and even provided paypal as an alternative for making recurring donations.

Custom Dashboard

Manage the Mobile Application right through the custom dashboard. Publish News, Appeals, Events. Manage Users, Donations.


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