Strategies to Increase Conversion on Your Website

A website that generates a lot of traffic is great, but if that traffic does not convert into leads or profit, it is quite irrelevant. You want your website to not only draw in customers, but also make them stay. Regular web maintenance is necessary to achieve the increase in your conversions.

Here are a few ways we believe you can increase your conversion.

Use testimonials

While we want to believe our opinions are our own, a lot of our choices are based on what others do or say. When it comes to a product or service, one of the first things a potential new client will look at is what others have to say about it. The more testimonials and better the reviews, the higher chance you will have drawing in that new customer to take action.

Clear, action worthy, “call to actions”

Different call to actions, have different affects on people. You want your call to action to not be aggressive or overbearing, and for it not to sound spam like and gimmicky. Test out different ones to see which triggers your visitors the most to take action; try out, “Reserve you seat”, “Get Started” or “Book now”.

Benefits over features

Sure, It is great knowing all of the features of a product, but it’s more important knowing the benefits. While you list out the features of your product or service, be clear and tell the potential new client exactly how your product is going to benefit them. They looked you up in the hopes you would solve their problem, tell them how you will do that.

Share a face to humanize your brand

Who are the behind the scenes heroes?

Confused? Basically, what we mean is in some way, include a human aspect to your brand so that clients have someone to relate to, and so they see that the company has real people behind them. A good way to do this, for example, is using a video on your home page. Right off the bat, you are introducing your clients to a face behind the brand.


In order to get your clients to check out other products and to keep them engaged, include links to your other products. The best items to list here are the ones that go well with the product the customer is viewing and/or products that are similar.

Do not over do it

When you start to over hype things on your website, people will get very turned off and this will lead to your conversions dropping drastically. You need to focus on writing compelling copy for the viewers so that it helps them make a decision to purchase whatever it is you are selling.

Include a Privacy Policy

By having a privacy policy, you ensure your customers that their information will be secure and confidential. When customers are required to give out their private information online, such as credit/debit card numbers, address, phone number etc. they hesitate if the company that they are buying from does not have a secure base.

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