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At Cenisa, we believe in more than just simply website hosting clients or creating wonderful websites for them; we believe in building a long lasting partnership with them. When we sit down to design your website, we want to make sure not only our brand is reflected in each website, but more importantly the uniqueness of our client’s brand is showcased.

How do we do what we do? How do we tackle each project? We are going to share with you our approach to each website we create. While the process and steps are essentially the same for each, the difference is that each time, of course, we have a different client- and we approach every client with a unique mindset.

Kick off meeting

This is where we get to know each other. We take the time to tell you about our company, our skills, why you should us to take on such an important task (because we all know that a website is a very crucial part of a brand and business), and of course, we show you our portfolio. Then we want to know know everything about you. What is your business, your brand identity; but, the most important thing we want to know in this meeting is, “what is your vision?”

Your vision for the end goal of your website is what will make your website yours, and it is that vision we want to bring to life. We will want to get as many details as possible, so that the steps to follow come smoothly. Additionally, this information will help us to present a quote that is perfect for you.

Discussion and Quotations

We want to make sure we you the best when agreeing to a project. In order to do that, we get our team together, layout the notes and information gathered from the kick-off meeting, and work together to come up with the right quote for the project; once we agree as a team, we send you the quotation. After both parties are in agreement, the contracts get signed, and the project begins!

Phase 1: Branding and Project Planning

When many of our clients come on board with us, they generally need a new look to their brand or need help kickstarting their brand altogether. In that case, we start off with a brand set up. This means, we set you up with a domain name and set up your web hosting with us (if you have both these services already, then we will transfer them onto your account with us). We will then proceed to create your brand strategy, this can be anything from your logo to creating and setting up your social media accounts and more. The final part of this phase is to create the wire frame with features and functions of the website.

Phase 2/3: Web Design and Development

What is your site actually going to look like? With the use of Photoshop or Illustrator, we create the layout and design of each website page. In this phase we are keen to stay true to your vision, so from time to time we may reach out to show you the design. Then we begin the development side, which is where we enter the codes and integrate your website design onto WordPress for further development.

Phase 4: Testing and Tutorial

Once your website is completed, we will run various tests to make sure the site is working the way it is suppose to. After it is cleared, we give you a full tutorial of your new website so that you are able to maintain it, and are aware of each of its functions. Otherwise, we do offer website maintenance packages you can add-on and let us handle the aftercare of your website!

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