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SEO is a big part of how well your website and/or services do online. The higher you are ranked in a search, the better, of course, it is for your business. By being highly searched, you are attracting more people to your services. There are a few things you can do remain relevant and high in the rankings.

Relevant Content

The content you produce should be quality content. It should directly target your niche and their needs. When choosing your relevant content, dig deep into what it is that you are providing your audience, why they need it and how you will keep them coming back. You should have updated content so you not only gain traction from new users, but maintain old users as well.

Pick out relevant keywords

You know how in elementary school we had this exercise where before we had to write a story, we had to make a list of words that had to be in the story? This is exactly that. Create a list of keywords that should be all over your site and more than once. For example: “web hosting and web design Ottawa”. Those six words can be found all over the Cenisa website; the more times we have it on the site, the more chances we have of search engines ranking us higher and more people seeing that we provide that service.

These keywords should also be a part of your links, headers, sub headers etc. Essentially, wherever you can throw text, you do.

Loading speed

One of the most annoying things, is when you click a link and it takes, what feels like hours, to load. Making your site load fast, is all about who is hosting your site. You could clean out the caches, and reconnect the wi-fi all you want, but if the host server is weak and slow, the chances of your site being fast are very slim- leading to less and less people wanting to visit it.

Cenisa offers great web-hosting packages, along with many add-ons to make your site faster and more efficient.

Incorporate blogs

Blogging is a proven great way to increase your SEO ranking. The more words, the more keywords you can throw in there, the more it is searchable. Little bits of your blogs can show up in various searches and search engines recognize that when giving the rankings.

Create a blog section on your site, and have up to date blogs, articles etc. on their that are relevant to your users.

Mobile optimized & Social Media integration

The wold of smartphones and their usage is very high. People spend more time on their phones than they do having real life interactions with people. Having a site that works well on a mobile/tablet device is crucial for any site. You want your services easily accessible to all, no matter the device. From formatting to tabs and sections, and additionally having it easily transfer social media.

Social media is another giant in this era that is very important. The keywords you use, should also be splashed on your social media.

Furthermore, you want your users to be able to share your links right from the site to social media platforms.

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