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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is pretty much done in a self manner. In a recent post by Practical E-Commerce, the author mentions how it is very difficult to plan SEO when someone is not doing it for you. The good thing is, the post gives you a few pointers on what to do when you hit an SEO slump.

Plan your SEO projects ahead

When all else fails and you have nothing to do- plan ahead. Come up with the strategies you need to succeed in SEO for the month. Create a simple list of the outcomes, and include everything from posts to pages, to campaigns and events and set action dates for them.

Pick the pages you want to prioritize

What are the pages you want to draw more attention to? Is there something that has not gotten enough traction in a while or not enough of a traction? Take the time to figure what pages need more attention. Look out for the pages that have been more in demand, not the ones that have performed well.

Locate the keywords that are also high in demand, and compare them to your pages.

Link to link access

A big way to naturally to contribute to search engine algorithms, is to have link authority. This means, having more link to link connections within your site that are trustworthy and relevant. Being sure that your link authority is still valid. That means, be sure the links that you have are still working and do not lead to any “404 errors.”  The more times 404 Errors come up, the more search engines are told about those errors- untimely causing you to go down in the search engine rankings.

Looking up technical errors

Other than 404 errors, Google Search Console also looks through other error and gives you reports; errors such as 500 server error. The more errors your site presents, the less Google is able to run through your content. If it cannot run through your content, it will not rank you in search engines— in fact it will make you lose your credibility.

Browse your search results as a customer

Ever wonder what your search shows up as to customers? By that we mean, search up the phrase your site should rank for, and see how it shows up. Is it the way you intended it? Are there any changes you can make? Click the links and make sure they land where you want them to.

Stay on top of your competition

Always make time to know what your competitors are up to. Any site that ranks for the phrases you surround yourself with, is considered a competition in natural search. Take a look into them; it could give you inspiration on what to do or change with your own work. Be open to the ideas you come up with and have the courage to explore them.

Hitting a slum in your work is natural. You just have to find ways to drive yourself forward, and in no time you will be right on the high you used to be.

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