Website Maintenance: Items You Need to Review Monthly

Everyone that has a website knows how important website maintenance is. However, not all of them know what exactly it entails. In this post, you will find 5 checks you must run every month to make sure your website remains an attractive destination for prospective customers:

1. Loading Speed

We live in a fast-paced and highly competitive world. No matter how beautiful your website is, if it takes too long to load, prospective customers will get distracted and move to the next—and faster—site. You know what’s worse? Henceforth, your website has been tagged in their mind as that “slow site”; they won’t visit again, and will likely discourage people close to them from doing so.

As a result, it is important that you run monthly checks to determine how fast your website is loading. There are online tools that can help you run these checks, and if your site takes longer than 2.85 secs to load, it’s too slow. You may need to employ the services of skilled website developers to help you improve your site speed. 

2. Promos and Special Offers 

If you have ever clicked on a link to a promotional offer only to find that it has expired, then you know how disappointing it can be. Disappointment is not a feeling you want customers to associate with your website. Also, expired coupons are a sign of a neglected website; this, too, is bad for business.

Run through your promo coupons monthly and remove expired ones. Replace them with fresh offers and give prospective customers a reason to be excited about visiting your website. 

3. Forms and Contact Info 

Your contact info should be in a prominent and visible part of your landing page. If it is not, you need to replace the company that designed your website with professionals. If your contact info is in the right place, you have to check every month to ensure that your address, phone numbers, and email addresses are updated.

In instances where you attached contact forms or emails to certain articles or posts, be it for comments or complaints from visitors, make sure it remains accessible at all times. 

4. Articles and Blog Posts 

Websites that have a dedicated section for blog posts and articles receive more visitors than websites that do not. But having a blog section only guarantees more visitors, it doesn’t necessarily translate to sales. To ensure that your visits convert to sales, post interesting articles, make sure that you are covering the trends in your niche, and advertise your services in your posts.

Furthermore, refresh your content monthly (or as many times as you can every month). By doing so, you do not only get more visitors, you also show these visitors, with your quality posts, that you mean business. Before long, they will be back to purchase your goods or services. 

5. Broken Links and Images 

Perhaps most importantly, your website maintenance checklist must involve you testing internal links and making sure they lead to the right pages. You also want to check for broken images and external link paths that are broken. 

If your website is big and complicated, this could be a very tasking effort, but that notwithstanding, it cannot be avoided. If it poses a difficulty for you, then reach out to us, we are professional website developers, and website maintenance is one of our many specialties.

In conclusion, a good website design without regular website maintenance is a waste of effort. Your business’ success depends on how well you present yourself to the world, and broken links, expired promos, outdated articles, slow browsing speed, and invalid contact forms do not inspire confidence.

At Cenisa, ensuring that your website is in perfect shape is our foremost concern. Reach out to us today and improve your visitors’ browsing experience; it will optimize your sales!

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