Social Media Trends To Keep Up With in 2019

With a new year comes many changes. From personal, to business, people are always looking into how to improve and keep up with the world around them. One of the biggest things both personal and business ventures have in common is the use of social media.

In the Financial Post this morning, we read an article on the top trends that will change the way we use social media in 2019. The article was mostly situated around businesses and how they use social media, and the ways in which they may adapt and change.

Towards the end of 2018, we saw the impact social media had on not just its channels, but on politics, cultures and other civic discourses.

So, how do the misgivings of social media change the way we approach 2019? The Post surveyed more than 3000 businesses and used findings from the survey to predict the following year.

Out with the fake, in with the real

Gone are the days where more trust was put into influencers and media celebs due to the series of “fake news” that followed them. People are turning towards their family, friends, even their acquaintances, in order to build what is real.

This need for real will prove to be challenging for businesses. Since people are distrustful of glitz and glamour and anything that seems too good to be true, businesses will have to find a way around clickbait and promo codes to get a users attention. The aim now will be to create authentic and transparent user engagement. According to the survey, 50% of respondents say that the key is to personalize content- allowing users to not just connect to them, but to create a community that connects them with each other.

Get up to date, then disappear

The rise of stories on social media feeds is proven to be more engaging than news feed updates. Almost over a billion users on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and WhatsApp, have kept up or taken part in this trend.

In order to stay relevant on social, it is time for companies to integrate stories into their social media calendars. Move away from the boring texts, and written stories, and into other elements such videos, graphics, and even behind the scenes. The more to the point and interactive and real your story is, the more people want to watch it. It is essential if you want to reach Millennials and Generation Z users, since they have mastered stories.

LinkedIn-The Underdog

LinkedIn continues to hold on to its professionalism and steer clear of any bad publicity or controversy. The giant passed 500 million members in 2018 and dishes out over a 100,000 articles each week on their blog. It is a platform where you will not have to deal with any rants, memes or other unwanted posts. It is a to-the-point platform which oozes quality and professionalism.

To succeed in 2019, the Post writes, companies must find creative ways to use LinkedIn’s ability to bridge personal and professional channels. No other platform allows a company, or a  person, to showcase themselves and their services, away from the toxic noise that other social channels bring.

Censia is using this practise more as well; our LinkedIn page makes sure we have not only our blogs  out there, but also our services.

While the findings highlighted a few more results, we found these three were the most important to take note of. In the ever changing world of technology, being on top of emerging trends is crucial to keep yourself and your business afloat.

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