Pros and Cons of Social Media Automation

Social Media Marketing is a full time job- whether it is for your personal brand, or for a company. When you market to all social media platforms, you can have your hands really full in order to keep up with it all. You are not just posting, but also interacting, tweaking, analyzing and so much more on a daily basis.

Some companies hire more than one person to handle social media, but if you are on a smaller scale, chances are you are doing everything yourself.

A tip that every good social media guru should know is that if you cannot hire help, then social media automation is a great tactic in order to make your job a little bit easier. There are great benefits to this, such as saving you time and money, but of course like anything in life, it also has its cons.


Saving you time and money is of course pretty high up on the pros list of social media automation. There are many tools that allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time, on various platforms. Facebook is one of the rare social media website’s that allows you to schedule on it directly. So when you are out of office, or on a holiday, your posts are still occurring in your absence.

However, other than just the two obvious reasons, here are a few more pros to social media automation.

Extends the life of your posts

Whenever you make a new post, many services will not only inform your viewership of the new post, but also draw attention to your older posts. This will allow new users to take a look at your older posts, and share them, creating an ever wider audience. Furthermore, you can easily repeat old posts and other content.


Without having to manually update your content, social media tools will ensure a constant stream of content on all your channels. This consistency in posts will show your dedication to your followers, allowing them to remain loyal to your channels. Plus, you will be able to interact with followers in real-time without having to scramble to make a post.

Create more social links

With certain automation services you can actually set them up to automatically follow back new users that follow you, allowing you to streamline the process. Other services will suggest social groups for you to join as well.


Now, like we mentioned before, there is always a downside to everything.

Losing track

While your posts may be consistent, if you do not monitor the posts you have created and scheduled, your feed can very easily become irrelevant to your audience. You must keep track of your posts’ impacts, engagement, responses etc. in oder to know what to change and what to keep the same. The repetition can turn off your audience, and sometimes a schedule post may totally be irrelevant to the current social atmosphere.

Comes off as fake

Despite a real person being behind the post, your posts can come off very fake and irrelevant if they do not align with what is happening on social media channels in real time. Instead of your post flowing, it could very well just be disturbing this flow. Additionally, some services will stamp their own name onto a post, for example HootSuite. This will let the audience know right away that a real person did not make the post.

Not formatted for all social media channels

Be sure to not become a robot in your automation. By this we mean, make sure you do not post the same things over and over again. People will get bored, and annoyed and this will ultimately lead them to unfollow you. Additionally, when you automate your posts, have them set up and formatted differently and according to the different social platforms it will be shared on- not all social media channels share the same formatting.

Stay true to your brand and stay as personal as possible. The one thing that should never be automated are comment and direct message replies. You want your users to know you are a real person and there is an actual human behind the social media posts, and not some robot.

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