Ottawa Client Diaries #5 – Red Gables

On any given day, nothing can make you feel better faster than a delicious, warm crepe. But where does one get the perfect crepe?

Red Gables, located on Carp Road, is open everyday tp serve you with a variety of different crepes. This small, but cosy, Creperie holds up to 30 people, making it general really busy. Trust us when we say, however, that the wait is worth every bite.

While the location is a bit out of the way for most, it is the perfect backdrop to this country style restaurant.

You never have to choose if you want something savoury or sweet. There excessive menu hosts both sweet and savoury flavours for you to choose from. Some of their top crepes are Bacon Bullet, Smokey Salmon, Mushroom Melt and Asparagus Aim. All the products are reasonably priced, and had a real kick to a dull day.

Additionally, Red Gables offers a variety of cold and hot drinks that pair perfectly with crepes, such as, Caramel Apple Cider, and Banana Strawberry smoothies.

While they do not take reservations, you can order from the menu online. You have the option to then either dine-in or take it home to enjoy there. Furthermore, if you want to stay updated or want to get a take on different recipes, be sure to follow them on social media– especially, Facebook, as they are very active there.

If you want to indulge in modern traditional crepe recipes, no one does it better in Ottawa, than Red Gables.

About the website  

This user-friendly website created by Cenisa is super simple, and to the point. Red Gables’ website is made to make it easy for customers to view the full menu online, and order online as well- just how the clients wanted it. The easy to use ordering system allows for you to place your order and then pay once you have arrived to pick up your order. A cool feature we added, was that if you try to order and the store is closed, you will instantly be told of this.

Each product page also come with a variety of selections within them, so you can order your crepe just how you want it. You can even choose if you want it to be vegetarian and/or gluten free. Furthermore, you receive a full description of each menu item. At the bottom of each product page, you will also find other crepes are similar to the one you are currently looking at- just in case you want to see a different kind of variation.

If you want to spread the word about your new favourite crepe place, each page and product comes with the ability to be shared on your social media channels.

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