Ottawa Client Diaries #3 – Suleeman Fashions

Suleeman Fashions is a brand of elegant & premium quality fashion products.  They manufacture, wholesale & retail South Asian and Middle Eastern apparel, as well as, sell fragrances, educational books and supplies.

Their love for South Asian and Middle Eastern culture shows in each of their products. Currently, when it comes to apparel, they only have men’s clothing, but are working to cater to women’s and children’s fashions as well.

With core family values within the company, they target everyone in a family- you will find clothing and much more for kids, men and women. It does not stop just there of course, they also have footwear, fragrances and reading material too.

If you are looking to buy items in bulk, Suleeman offers customers wholesale products as well, making that easier for you. If you are starting your own store, this will allow you to carry premium Suleeman branded products. This local Ottawa store might be new, but is doing very well in creating a name and reputation for themselves and are quickly growing.

Since it is a local company, one of its great features is that it has free shipping in Ottawa, for orders over $50- the price point is not too high, and the merchandise is very affordable. Currently, everything in the online store is 70%!

People believe they have amazing fragrances and cologne and are super easy to work and connect with. The products themselves are great quality and highly recommended.

About the website:

Suleeman Fashions’ is unique and took a lot of customization. We uploaded all of their products on to the website and set up the complete customized online ordering system for the website. The website is responsive, meaning it can be accessed easily in non-desktop viewing, such as on your mobile or tablet.

The layout of the store is presented in a wide frame, with easy scrolling, and a read more option to allow you to get more information on each product. At the bottom of each item page, you will find a review section, where, if you have purchased the certain product, Suleeman would appreciate your feedback so that other customers may see your experience with that product. Additionally, you will find a “related products” section that pulls and places items that are similar to the item you are viewing. This is more beneficial when an item that you are looking for is sold out- this way you can instantly see similar products.

You will also find all their top-selling featured products right on their own home page; so you can shop without having to even scroll around the website.

The website offers easy access to everything you might need for an e-commerce website, such as shipping and exchange page, products and services located right on the homepage and also a contact section.

Cenisa puts the customers first. Majority of the websites are according to what the client requests. We allow our clients to be a part of the process from the start so that they are able to get the exact result, vision, that they wanted.

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