Ottawa Client Diaries #1 – King George Acquah

King George Acquah produces spirit filled songs that usually cause listeners to worship and praise God through all life issues. With his blend of African Gospel and North American Gospel he creates simple melodies that people all over the globe can relate to.

While he is born and raised in Ghana, he is currently based right here in Ottawa. Most, if not all, of his music videos are shot right here. With himself as the lead singer, his band features 9 other people. Serving as the National Music Director for Church of Pentecost, he brings his musical gifts as well as teaching other of his faith. HIs music reflects deeply of his Gospel roots.

King George Acquah has four albums, and does various shows around Ottawa and internationally as well. His latest music video for his single. “Hail the King” has garnered over 700 views, and continues to grow.

Check it out:

His passion for music is one thing, but he also holds a great passion for education. He holds two Masters degrees ( Master of Arts in French and Francophone Studies from Carleton University, and Master of Arts in Linguistics and Didactics of French from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana) and is pursing a third at Carleton University (International Affairs). While his work and music has remained localized in Ottawa, King George Acquah also been expanding his preaching and music at other branches of his church in Toronto and Montreal.

The website does not only feature his music, but also a blog section on where he writes favour various religious topics, for example, the birth of his son and what that meant to him in a religious light.

About the website

Cenisa created a user-friendly portfolio style website for King George Acquah, which showcases his albums, photos, videos and even features a blog section. Additionally, this site is very responsive, meaning it can fit in to any screen size.  

The template allows for easy social media integration and sharing, as well as sound cloud interaction. With its gallery, blog, updates, and other page sections, this style of website is great for when you want to create and display an online portfolio.

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LinkedIn: king-george-acquah

Sound cloud: King George Acquah

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