International Expansion Strategies for Your Mobile App

You have created a mobile application, and it has been a great success in your local market. However, you now want to expand to the international market. In 2017, there were over 197 million app downloads; since then, the number has increased drastically. That is what you are going up against, when you decide you want to take your app international. It might seem like a terrifying venture, but there are a few ways to help you get started.

Do your research

This might seem a little obvious, but the better research you do, the easier it will make it for you to ease into a different countries’ market. Remember that, what your users would need in Canada, might (and most likely) will not be what your users would need, in say, China.

Not all apps will be suitable for another country. For example, dating apps might be all the rage in many parts of North America or Europe, but they will not be well received well in places like the Middle East or South Asia. Have a list of countries that would not have a problem with your app, and then target those markets.

Know and secure the right distribution channel

While some markets are not covered by Google Play, they are covered by Apple, however many countries have other app distributors, such as Baidu- a Chinese provider. Use the various distributors to promote your app in the local markets that they come from. Ultimately, adjusting to a local distributor will drive your sales further.

App Store Optimization

Just like any service, you want yours to be easily searchable and high in the ranks; you would do this by optimizing your app store. Due to cultural variations, your app’s name may need to be changed altogether. For example, Evernote in the Chinese market does not translate directly, instead the name changed and translates to “memory note.”

Know the keywords and functions that are most searched or wanted by the market you want to get into, in order to change your app’s translated description, title, and keywords; as well as, the screenshots and videos should have text localized to the target market.

Local social media integration

Platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, make it very easy to integrate applications. There are various other platforms that are available in some countries, but not others. Being able to login using a social media platform makes it easy on users and also for your data collection. When doing your research on a market, know the preferred local social media application.

On and offline promotions

Speaking of social media, in this era, one of the most effective ways to gain traction for your app, is using the services of social media platforms. Using their paid ads, you can enhance your posts to be reached by an even bigger audience than if you had just made a post and left it. On many platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can specially target the exact demographic that you want. Additionally, run press releases, partner with influencers to use and promote your app, and blog yourself to gain an even bigger audience.

When you properly research, plan and execute your strategies, your app will be known worldwide in no time. Test out a few different ways and markets, to see how they work for you and your app. If there are any changes that need to be made, do so accordingly.

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