How to Optimize Your Mobile Applications

Not every company has a website; since so many people rely on their mobile derives, may companies simply utilize mobile applications in order to interact with customers. Often times, companies have both.

As of March 2017, Apple Store had 2.2 million applications and Google Play had 2.8 million available apps. That number, now in 2019, has grown significantly.  

Just like your Search Engine Optimization helps increase traffic and an audience for your website, your App Store Optimization, ASO is very important in oder to get eyes on your mobile application. It is a way to make sure your app is at the top of the search results and meets the requirements. Your discoverability, much like SEO, relies on many factors that include knowing your audience, keyword search and icon design.

Your Application name

First off, you need a compelling and unique app name; but, it should include relevant keywords as well, as this is one of the few ways you will be able to utilize texts in your ASO.

Customer and competition research

It is said time and time again, know your customers and know your competition. This research is one of the key ways to ensure your applications success. You want to know what it is that people want out of your service and from you. You also need to know about other apps that pose as competition, so that what you offer is better than them.

Put yourself in your customers position. Know what they have made inquired about, what is it that THEY want.

Keyword Maximization

To go in hand with the first point, know the keywords that your customers have searched, and know the keywords you can use to target against your competitor. Put together a list of keywords that are obvious and not so obvious ones as well that may be unique to your brand.

This will allow you to determine whether or not you want to be in the top ten for certain keywords or top spot for less used keywords. Apple Store and Google Play both allow you to insert about to 100 and 4000 characters, respectively.

Killer Description

Your description is where you can strategically place your keywords, while also targeting your customers. This part is not about your search engine ranking, it is solely about drawing your customer into buying/downloading your application. Really focus on the first two lines of your description, it is what will draw in a customer. With so many apps out there, people will generally look at those first two lines for each to figure out which one they want.

Be sure to update this as your application updates.

Icon Design

Personally, one of the first things we look at before choosing an app is the icon. Your icon is the forefront and the first thing a customer sees. Both the Apple Store and Google Play have certain standards and guidelines for their app icons. If you want to cater to both stores, be sure to adjust your icon accordingly. Keep the icon simple and unique; colourful always draw people in, and so do funky designs. You want to stay true to your brand and vision at the same time.

Screenshots and videos

People need to know how to use your app, and the best way to do so in through screenshots and videos of various aspects of your app. They are generally a ver scaled back how-to guide that allow the consumer to see how certain pages look and work. The images are able to convey what your app is all about, and while this does nothing for your search ranking, it does increase your downloads. Generally, only 2-3 screenshots will be shown, so choose the right ones that are the most beneficial.

Outside Promotion

Any service requires promotion; not just when they first launch it, but consistently in order to attract more and more consumers. The more traffic you get, the more downloads you will get, and in turn this will help you rise in the rankings.

More frequently, app indexing has proven to be a great way to drive traffic to your app. They are simple landing pages that link to your apps download.

Frequent Updates

This is a pretty straightforward; your app needs to stay updated in order to prevent glitches and issues occurring. Nothing is more frustrating that an app that cannot be updated, and keeps shutting down on you.

However, sometimes an update can be so different that customers do not want to update it, especially if it is a paid update. In this case, let the customers know what they get from this new update and include 4-5 star reviews from customers who have already downloaded the newer update.

It is projected that by the year 2020, the mobile application revenue will reach 188.9 billion US dollars. Meaning if there is any time to create and launch an app, it would be now.

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