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Localization does not refer to simply translating an app to the language of the market you are trying to target. You have to be aware of different cultural views, difference in keyword frequency, time and measurements and even screenshots and videos.

There are other factors that play into localizing a mobile app. For the purpose of this post, we are going to pretend that the app being launched is solely for the Ottawa market. We have written previously on how to localize SEO to Ottawa; localizing an app is very similar, but since there are other factors as well, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some insight on that as well.


Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, making it one of the most bilingual places in the country. When you are localizing an app to Ottawa, that is something very important to remember, as Ottawa thrives for its bilingualism. When choosing a language for your application, have both English and French versions, so that you are able to target a wider ranger of audience in the city. Additionally, Ottawa’s French follows the rules of Quebec French, not France. When doing your translations done, either yourself or through a third-party translation company, make sure you are clear of which French you want.

Time and Measurements

This part of localization is quite easy for Ottawa, since it uses the same time and measurements as the rest of the country. In iOs 8, Apple gives you an improved API for your localization. You can display time and various measurements in multiple languages. For the French aspect, you will have to translate the times and measurement, so that it is consistent with the rest of your French content.

App Store Optimization

Just because your app can adapt and be bilingual like that city of Ottawa, if it is not optimized in the app store, then it will be useless. Your key App Store elements are, the title and description, keywords, and videos and screenshots. These three elements put together the ASO process, and based on that, it makes your app more searchable and accessible to others. In order to ASO to Ottawa, you want to use keywords that reflect Ottawa with your brand, and be sure any video or screenshot is for both the English and French versions of the application.

Just like before, create a list of keywords. Your French keywords will be different than the ones for your English keywords, so do the research to reflect both markets of Ottawa- never simply translate the keywords.

While Ottawa is a very multilingual city, the bilingual aspect of it is very heavily weighed. The French culture in Ottawa is very prominent due to its proximity to Quebec; in order to appeal to both English and French markets, you must keep the French market’s cultural differences in mind when marketing and presenting the app to them. What may work for the English market, might not work for the French market.

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