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Localization is a good way to boost your business in one area effectively; once you have established yourself in one market, expanding it from there is much easier. For the purpose of this post, we are going to look at how to efficiently localize your website to Ottawa. Much of this post will be relatable to any market, however, the reason we choose Ottawa, is because Cenisa Software Inc. is localized in Ottawa; meaning we know how to target the Ottawa market best.

Localized Ottawa pages should be have their speed optimized

Do you know what people love? Websites and pages that load super fast. In an era where things are constantly on the move, no one has the patience to sit around and wait for a page or site to load, The success of your page or site relies heavily on the speed; it is recommended by google that it should not take more than three seconds to load.

The speed depends on many things such as, your site’s plugins, images, ads, hosting service and coding. Ideally, you have have a fairly simple website for your Ottawa market. If you want to further analyze a page’s speed, you can on PageSpeed Insights.

Back links to local links

Back links in any site are very important. They give your website a better sense of trustworthiness. To best optimize your site locally, you want to make sure the back links your use are, (in this case) to other websites or local business in Ottawa. For example, if we were to back link within our website to a company that prints business cards, we would be sure that company we use and link are from Ottawa.

The more connections you make within Ottawa, the more you will show up in your Ottawa rankings.

French translated pages

Ottawa businesses should know to have both English and French pages on their sites. Ottawa is a government city— while many are bilingual, many also speak just French. Here you do better by being bilingual than not, so you want your website to show that. This way, you are catering to both official languages, and still keeping things localized for Ottawa.

Keywords in title, meta description and meta keywords

This one is pretty straightforward and obvious. Adding in “Ottawa” in your title, meta description and meta keywords increases your chances of being ranked higher in Ottawa. You do not have to throw it in there, make it scare so it is not obvious as to what you are trying to do.  

For example, we use keywords such as, Ottawa Digital Marketing, Ottawa Web Design, and Ottawa Web Maintenance. By adding in “Ottawa” we assure our location.

Localization helps to really up your SEO game. It is better for small businesses especially, to localize and establish themselves before they take on different markets elsewhere. Trust us when we say, that you want to really establish your roots before your go to branch out.

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