Month: June 2019

Long Term Blogs- the SEO Essentials

Writing blogs for your site is only as good as its SEO. You want your blogs to last over a long period of time. While some blogs can be timely, the purpose of blogs is essentially to be carried over a long period of time. A good blog post will not have an immediate expiration […]

Ottawa Web Hosting Packages – Compared

Earlier this week, we talked about why Webfoundr is the best web hosting company in Ottawa. What we did not tell you is in comparison to what? Who is our competition and why do we come out on top of them? First off, when we say “Ottawa Web Hosting Packages” we do not intend to […]

What to Ask When Hiring a Web Developer

Hiring a web developer is a very important process. You want to make sure you hire someone capable, and also someone that you are compatible with. The reason being, they will be more cooperative to work with, and they will actually listen to your needs and wants for your website. Your website is a very […]

The Benefits of Blogging

In 2018, HubSpot conducted a research on various marketing strategies; one particular section stood out to us — content marketing, namely blogging. Blogging is an increasingly growing trend all around the world, and that is something businesses have started to notice. They have started implementing more blogging into their strategy. 55% of marketers say blog […]

Google Chrome Extensions That Are Beneficial to Have

Google Chrome extensions are very beneficial in adding to the experience of Google Chrome. These extensions offer a wide range of services; from capturing images, to finding the best deals and discounts on an online shopping cart. Although they are wildly popular, many people do not really know the depth to which the extensions go. […]

Ottawa Client Diaries #5 – Red Gables

On any given day, nothing can make you feel better faster than a delicious, warm crepe. But where does one get the perfect crepe? Red Gables, located on Carp Road, is open everyday tp serve you with a variety of different crepes. This small, but cosy, Creperie holds up to 30 people, making it general […]

Ottawa Client Diaries #4 – Lucas Contracting

Looking for a contractor in Ottawa that you can truly trust? Well, look no further than our client, Lucas Contracting. After two successful seasons in the roofing industry, Lucas Contracting was born. Lucas O’Connor, a skilled tradesman and business management graduate, initially founded Lucas Roofing in 2008. It was a results-oriented company that places a […]