The Latest Website Design Trends

Designing a website is one of the more fun elements when putting a website together. One of the key points you must remember though, is it should be as present as possible. What we mean by this is, that trends are always changing; what was acceptable or trendy last year, does not mean it will be this year. You want your website to be fresh. An outdated website design is one of the biggest ways for you to have people lose interest in your business.

To help you stay “trendy” we have researched and complied a little list of trends you should be aware of when designing your website in 2019.

Broken grid and asymmetrical layouts

This type fo design helps to make a website stand out from its competition, because it does not stick to the traditional idea of a grid. It is a very experimental design, and makes a statement. In 2019, it will be surfacing more and more. This time of design tests boundaries, and has the logo, tagline, content, all pushed around creating a rigid grid.

3D images and illustrations

Flat images are dull and boring, and frankly, always have been. Designers are adding more depth and realism to their images, creating a blurred line between what is real, and what is not. This sharpens the contract between images, and gives the website more realistic feel. Additionally, the depth and 3D imaging is not just for the images, it goes for texts too. You will see drop shadows, outlining and more.

Outlined type

Speaking of outlining texts, this trend is actually one of our favourites. This trend seeks simplicity, while adding a kick to every text. This type of text, outlines texts, and gets rid of the middle space within it, creating am empty, yet full look.

Absence of Colour

While some sites are leaning towards the colourful, outgoing theme, there are many websites that are leaving towards a more monochromatic approach, with little to no pop of colour. Limiting yourself to one colour can help to really solidify a brand, while adding constraints to the flexibility of the design. Sometimes, just that one colour is what can set you apart and make you more memorable.

Inclusive design

A responsive website is very important because you want it to flow between all devices, A key important element to add, is an inclusive design. This means, you do not just need your website for devices, you need it for different countries and languages too. This translation allows for you to reach a wider audience across various platforms at the same time.

Storytelling and Narratives

Designs that have the aspect of storytelling are making a huge comeback in the web design scene. Whether it is a few texts here and there, or a section designated to posting blogs, being able to tell a story or narrative though your website is a good element to have. If words are not your thing, they say “an image says a thousand words,” so be sure to select images that are true to your brand and can convey key portions of your brand.

Choosing they right design for your website is ultimately up to you; so whether or not you want to stay up to the trends is your call, however websites that stick to the trends are more likely to leave an impact on users, as oppose to websites that are out dated and not up with the times.

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