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Starting a new business is scary stuff, no matter how confident you are in your brand and its abilities. The biggest challenge is tackling your SEO, and while the rules are generally similar for SEO across brands, small businesses have some extra items on the list that they must cross off when they are first starting off. Since most of our clientele is small businesses, we thought we should talk about what exactly those extra items on the list are.

Google My Business account

You want your business to be established very well within its local markets. Google My Business enables your business to appear in local search results for queries specific to your local market. It is a simple set up procedure, all you have to do is add all of your business details.

Fast, and mobile friendly

Almost all WordPress themes are mobile-friendly, and at Cenisa those are the themes we recommend to use for your website. Making your website mobile-friendly opens it up to a wider audience, which search engines recognize; additionally, we have said this many times, a fast website helps you stand out, so go with a killer website hosting company for the best performance.

Understand your online audience

Funny enough, your in-person audience and your online audience can actually be very different. You want to research who your typical online customer is, look into who how online customers of your competition react to various aspects. Where does your audience spend the most time, what are they looking for? Those are the kind questions you should focus on. Without knowing knowing what your audience wants and needs are, how are you suppose to cater to them?

Be real, be you

People can very easily pick out when a business is not being genuine, and sounds like a robot other than a real person. Take your marketing one step at a time, but make sure that you are doing it yourself. Do not hire a third party, unless they are someone who can mimic yours and your brand’s voice effectively. The one thing, however, you should never hire someone outside of your company to do, is interact with your customers. You want to do that yourself, because no matter what, no one will understand your brand and your voice better than you.

Third Party Scams

Agencies that promise you first page ranking, are filled with nothing by scam and lies. There is no way to guarantee a page one ranking on search engines. This is something that take months to even years to get to. These types of companies do much more harm than good to your company, so be aware.

Optimize your images

When you insert images on your website, you get the option to fill out details about that image. Along with the URL of the image, which is usually a profiled element, give the image a title, use keywords in your image caption and fill out the description of the image with select keywords as well. When your website shows up on a search engine, your image will also rise in image search engine ranking, generating a new lead to direct traffic to the website.

Small businesses may have a fear of not standing out amongst the big dogs in their target market. However, once you learn and hone your SEO skills, you will be able to effectively showcase your website on various search engines, and turn them into the leads you want.

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