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Today’s Industry Insights

Mobile Agriculture: A New Way of Smart Farming

Farmers around the world are using mobile information and communication technology (ICT). Mobile agriculture is cheaper than traditional farming methods. Moreover, it improves communication between farmers. This way the production increases and the overall farming process becomes more efficient. So, what are some of the new developments in agriculture that you can use? We have …

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Benefits of IT in Supply Chain Management

Managing your supply chain operations effectively is important for the overall success of your business. It ensures that your work runs smoothly. Moreover, it helps your entire organization. In our opinion, an effective digital Supply Chain Management Strategy involves using a data-driven approach. Why thou? Because it has a lot of long-term benefits. We have …

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Blockchain Technology in Businesses

You and I know what Bitcoin is but do you know it was created through blockchain technology? In the following article, we will discuss this technology and how businesses can combine this technology with their daily work. Before organizations invest in this new technology, they need to understand blockchain. Blockchain is a system that stores …

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Farming: Innovative Technologies

There is a need for an increase in food production to cater to the growing population. Farmers are using technology to make farming smooth. In addition, we believe that using technology in farming leads to improved farm yield. Below we have listed some of the technologies that farmers are using nowadays. Cloud Computing Technologies Farmers …

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Inventory Management For Business Efficiency

Keeping a track of your inventory helps you run your business in a better way. Moreover, it saves cost and provides customer satisfaction. This is why businesses make sure that they don’t run out of their stocks. Adding ways to manage your stocks will make your business operations run smoothly. In addition, it will increase …

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Internet Banking For Your Everyday Transactions

Gone are the days when people used to stand in long queues at the bank for simple transactions. These days people can transfer funds, pay bills, and make purchases through online banking. Online/Internet banking is a product of combining IT and financial services. It is a convenient method for the customers, which makes it a …

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